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Are you aware that sedation dentistry uses medications to allow treatments to be given safely and effectively? If a patient experiences deep levels of stress or anxiety, sedation can help them to enter a calming state of relaxation. Depending on the level of sedation applied to each patient, dentists can alter the level of consciousness they experience and if necessary, ensure they are completely unconscious for a treatment.

Gas treatments that are inhaled are the most well-known type of sedative dentistry. The mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide produces laughing gas, a gas designed to calm your nerves. It’s the only treatment that frequently allows the user to drive themselves home afterward.

Sedatives can also be administered as pills for swallowing. Sedation in the form of pills is often given an hour before any treatments are to be done. The dosage can be modified to provide a range of sedation levels, including everything from a mild relaxed feeling to a dosage strong enough to achieve unconsciousness.

For a faster-acting sedation, sedatives can be directly injected into your veins. Dosages can be easily monitored for whichever level of sedation is needed. Furthermore, some medications can use general anesthesia to put you to sleep until the medication wears off.

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