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The thought of knocking-out a tooth (also called tooth avulsion) can be scary, but it is a reality that occurs even more frequently during the summer months. Any type of trauma to the mouth can cause a variety of injuries including lacerations to the gums, dislodged, or fractured teeth and bleeding, and so should be tended to immediately by a professional.

The good news is that these kinds of injuries, although often painful, can be fixed with the proper dental care. Dr. Arpan Patel, our dentist, understands the confusion and even fear that can set in when dental injuries such as a tooth avulsions occur, and is here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be scary. At Alpha Dental Excellence in Langhorne, Pennsylvania our team is capable and eager to help with all your oral health needs.

The quicker you receive treatment, the higher the likelihood of avoiding problems in the future. If dental injuries are left unattended, it is almost inevitable that they will cause you unnecessary discomfort and problems in the future. Whenever a tooth becomes fully dislodged, a root canal will almost certainly be necessary, but when the procedure is performed will depend heavily on how quickly the injury is tended to.

After a tooth avulsion occurs it is important to remember that, it should be kept moist if possible, debris should be removed from the tooth as carefully as possible and touching the root should be avoided so that you don’t cause further nerve damage.

If you have further questions about tooth avulsion or need to have a dental injury tended to, call us at (215) 970-2515 and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff. We are here to help you with all your oral health needs encourage you to rest assured that dental emergencies are not as scary as they seem, especially when you are in the right hands. Don’t wait until your dental injury has caused more damage!