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Cavities can be unpleasant because they can weaken our teeth significantly. One way to fix the problem is with some dental filling. If you have never heard of fillings or are wondering how they are placed, we can give you a brief explanation.

The first step is to remove the decaying parts of the tooth. With them gone, our dentist can focus on saving the healthy parts of your tooth.

Before the filling can be placed, the dentist may need to shape the cavity a bit more. The dentist does this so the filling is less likely to fall out. Understand that there is always a possibility that a filling can fall out, but a filling can remain in place for years as long as you are careful.

After that, the tooth is ready for the filling to be placed. The filling can help the tooth gain its strength back, and it can protect that area of the tooth from further decay.

If you live near Langhorne, Pennsylvania, and find yourself faced with a cavity, we can treat it for you here at Alpha Dental Excellence. You can talk with our dentist, Dr. Arpan Patel, to learn if fillings can resolve the issue or if another treatment can be more beneficial. You can call (215) 970-2515 to set up a visit. We hope to see you soon!