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A common problem for young children is baby bottle tooth decay. It is caused by sugary and acidic products given to the child in his baby bottle. For a list of guidelines concerning baby bottle tooth decay, consider the following:

– Despite the fact it may help your child to drink from their bottle, do not cover the bottle top in any form of sugary substance, including honey.
– The liquid from a drink can gather in your child’s mouth as they sleep and cause baby bottle tooth decay, so remove the bottle during nap time or fill the bottle with water.
– Tooth decay can be caused by transmitting bacteria from your mouth by using the same toothbrush or cleaning their bottle tops with your mouth. Don’t forget to wash every product before giving it your child, and never share toothbrushes.
– Baby bottle tooth decay can begin to form as soon as the first tooth in your child’s mouth appears above the gum line, which often occurs when the child is six months old.
– A child’s mouth is exceedingly susceptible to baby bottle tooth decay from sugary and acidic drinks including sodas, juices, sugar water, and sports drinks.

If you are looking for baby bottle tooth decay treatments in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Alpha Dental Excellence would love to help. For a thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for your child, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Arpan Patel by calling our office at (215) 970-2515. Baby bottle tooth decay can be prevented and treated, so contact us today.