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What is laser dentistry? The idea of going to the dentist for a cavity or root canal is unpleasantly associated with anxiety and tension. Gratefully, with new technology comes new ways of doing things. No one should fear dental care again.

With laser dentistry, there are no shots or drills needed! There is less discomfort during the procedure, and the laser completely eradicates all bacteria causing the decay.

An option at any age, laser dentistry is great for kids due to shortened time in the chair and the lack of need for anesthesia. The feeling is somewhat like an “ice cream freeze” on the affected tooth—mildly annoying, but painless. We rarely need to numb patients, allowing them to go away without a swollen lip or unknowingly drooling. If you’ve dreaded dentist appointments before because of the discomfort, now you can experience a much more pleasant visit.

In the past, dentistry relied on the dental drill, which vibrates and produces heat through friction. In contrast, lasers are a concentrated beam of light energy that produces better results without the stress to both tooth and patient. The laser gently sculpts while sterilizing and cauterizing at the same time.

Our dentists are pioneers in new laser dentistry techniques. Alpha Dental Excellence takes advantage of a wide variety of cutting-edge technology to treat our patients. These state-of-the-art tools enhance the accuracy and proficiency of our work.

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