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Do you know you get an oral cancer screening at the dentist? Yes, it’s true! Oral cancer is a serious threat that targets thousands of people each year. Furthermore, the earlier oral cancer is found, the better it can be to overcome it.

Our dentists, Dr. Arpan Patel & Associates, offer an oral cancer screening with every single dental checkup. That is why Alpha Dental Excellence in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is willing to share with information on the importance of oral cancer screenings, so you know to get checked.

Tobacco and alcohol use can intensely increase your chances of receiving oral cancer. Many people have heard of the link tobacco has with the health of your lungs. Nevertheless, the health of your throat and mouth are at risk of falling victim to oral cancer too. The good news is your dentist offers an oral cancer screening with every dental checkup, so every six months you can feel right about your oral health.

When it comes to oral cancer, the sooner it is found, the better your chances are to treat it successfully. That is why having a dental screening every often can be useful to your health in various ways. By disregarding your dental visits, you could be ignoring warning signs of oral cancer to catch it early enough for treatment.

As you can see, the value in receiving oral cancer screenings is immeasurable. If you have questions about your oral health or need a dental checkup, please contact our dental team at (215) 970-2515 to make an appointment. We are happy to help you and review your oral health.