Patients with significant tooth loss can still enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles when they visit Dr. Patel for dentures. By providing custom-made dentures in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, we can help patients restore their oral health in a timely manner. To learn if dentures are the solution to your tooth loss, we encourage you to call or visit Alpha Dental Excellence to speak with our dentists.

What are cosmetic dentures?

Instead of traditional plastic prosthetic teeth, natural looking cosmetic dentures are made with modern ceramic porcelain teeth. The dentures are usually individually crafted, and look more like real teeth than the plastic variety. Cosmetic dentures also have a more natural looking support structure, and though they may cost a bit more than conventional dentures, they are truly difficult to distinguish from real teeth.


Flexible Partials

Denture Alternatives

For those who want more stable and comfortable denture alternatives, dental implants and dental bridges may be an option. Implants are similar to dentures, in that they are prosthetic teeth used to replace natural teeth, but they are attached to the jaw by means of metal studs implanted permanently into the bone. Bridges are groups of just a few prosthetic teeth attached to adjacent natural teeth with metal and plastic connectors. Bridges help to preserve some of the mouth’s structural integrity by leaving as many natural teeth in place as possible. Your dentist can help you decide if either of these denture alternatives is better suited to your individual needs.