Brushing and flossing go back to before the Stone Age, and dentistry dates back to the dawn of civilization. Over time, the science of dentistry has evolved by leaps and bounds and sometimes by what seems like lightyears! At Alpha Dental Excellence, our dentist, Dr. Arpan Patel and our entire team make use of the latest dental technology to provide you with quality dental care so that you can enjoy a lifetime of great smiles!

At our office, we make your dental visit more comfortable and convenient with things such as 3D scans, and digital and panoramic X-rays, which allow us to quickly and accurately examine your teeth, mouth and surrounding tissues to locate and diagnose any issues. We have also increased the efficiency of many of our treatments using Waterlase MD™ technology Laser Dentistry and, we can provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your health with OralCDx® BrushTest™ and VIZILITE® Plus Oral Cancer Screening cancer screenings.

If you would like to see this technology in action, or if you would like to make an appointment for you or a member of your family, call (215) 970-2515 today to plan your visit. Let our team put dental technology in Langhorne, Pennsylvania to work for you and, so that you can have a happy, healthy smile for life!