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A dental crown is cemented onto its anchoring abutment with a strong dental adhesive. This is meant to give the dental restoration the strength to handle common oral functions. Unfortunately, it is possible for chronic gum disease complications to gradually affect the bond holding your crown in place.

Common symptoms of a crown in distress could include a loose feeling, discomfort when chewing, or a minor toothache. Yet, there are other times when a crown shows no overt signs of a problem. You might be chewing gum or eating a meal and suddenly it comes loose.

When this happens, you should not delay in seeking dental care at Dr. Arpan Patel’s clinic in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. The longer you delay the more likely you are to suffer serious complications from the compromised dental crown.

In the interim, there are a couple of things you can do to minimize your chances of experiencing further complications.

You shouldn’t try to brush or floss any of the exposed abutment or the dental crown. This could cause significant harm. If you have unwanted debris in your mouth you can gently rinse it away with lukewarm saltwater. Any other necessary cleaning procedures should be left to Dr. Arpan Patel and his highly trained staff.  

If it is simply a matter of the dental adhesive failing, you will likely see the abutment protruding from your gums. In a case like this Dr. Arpan Patel might be able to clean the crown and cement into place.

If the abutment has been chipped or damaged, your dentist might need to perform a root canal. This will restore sufficient structure to cement a new dental crown in place.

If you are in the Langhorne, Pennsylvania area and you have a distressed or missing crown, please do not delay in calling (215) 970-2515 to seek professional care at Alpha Dental Excellence.  Our team of dentists is here to help you with all of your smile care needs!