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Minor dental fractures and chips on tooth enamel might not cause heightened sensitivity issues or pain. Yet this lack of discomfort and overt symptoms of a problem shouldn’t encourage you to forgo treatment at Alpha Dental Excellence.

The macro and microscopic textures in the damaged tooth enamel could gradually start to trap bacteria, plaque, and food materials. This could cause a new area of tooth decay to form on the enamel. Should you further procrastinate professional treatment, the decay could quickly penetrate deep into the tooth, causing an infection in the pulp or root.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Arpan Patel might recommend repairing the tooth with a dental crown. This is a replica of the original tooth enamel layer that is anchored onto an abutment made from the healthy interior structures of the tooth. The material your dentist recommends for the crown will depend on the tooth’s location in your mouth and its primary function.

Most crowns are made from porcelain, gold, or a metallic alloy. For a tooth that is prevalent in your smile, Dr. Arpan Patel often recommends a porcelain dental crown. Since the porcelain can be shaded, it will match all the other teeth in your mouth, giving it the appearance of a completely natural tooth.

If you’ve suffered a dental fracture and you’re interested in knowing more about a dental crown in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, you should call (215) 970-2515 to have it examined and treated at Alpha Dental Excellence.